This is how you have to place the speakers to get ideal sound

The experts have spoken and admitted the trick they are following Place speakers at home to achieve an ideal sound. “The correct placement To get the most out of any sound system, the number of speakers is essential. By adapting to the dimensions and acoustic characteristics of each home, you can create one immersive listening experience and captivating to enjoy your favorite films, music and games like never before,” explains Teufel, a Berlin-based sound company.

Experts have explained that this is the case with a simple stereo system with only two main speakers essential to create a “stereo triangle”. between the speakers and the listening area. It consists of the two main direct speakers and the listener’s position form an equilateral or isosceles trianglewith the Speakers tilted slightly inwards at about 60 degrees.

The area where the lines of sight between speakers overlap is called the “sweet spot.” where you get the best sound quality. In this type of sound system, an independent element can be added to the chosen speaker configuration since the low frequencies that it emits are easily picked up by our ear. In any case, care must be taken to ensure that the bass spreads appropriately throughout the room. Therefore, it is It is very important that the device is not covered for cupboards or other furniture.

How to create the feeling of a cinema at home

With a 5.1 home theater system consisting of six speakers (two front, one center, two rear and a subwoofer), certain guidelines must be followed to ensure an optimal surround sound experience: The front speakers, which play the music and sound effects, are it should be placed at the the same distance, so that a triangle with the listening point is created. Ideally, a speaker on each side of the screen would be ideal to further improve the listening experience, on both a 5.1 and 7.1 system. As for them

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If you have a center speaker, it’s best to place it in the bottom edge of the screenfor accurate reproduction of dialogues.

Bass comes from the subwoofer and the rear speakers are positioned behind the listening area to create an impressive surround effect. To complete the cinema sound experience in your living room, there are rear speakers, so-called dipoles, which have a screw integrated into the base for attaching the wall bracket and are therefore much more practical and comfortable to install. “You can rotate them at an angle of 45 degrees so that one side emits the sound towards the back wall and the other towards the side wall, always at least 10 centimeters apart.” Create a perfect surround sound effect. “The distance between the rear speakers and the listening position should be at least one meter,” explain the Teufel experts.

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