Thieves Use Devices to Bypass WiFi Home Security Cameras

Jim Grubb woke up in the middle of the night in his San Jose home when his dog started barking.

He descended the stairs and found the front door ajar, but he didn’t care anymore because he thought it might have been left open the night before.

The next morning, new clues emerged. Grubb discovered items were missing, including a laptop and a drone.

“I went to the Nest video camera on our doorstep”, He says. “The thief was in the front yard, you could see a flashlight and occasionally you could see his cap.”

And then, as I watch the video, I’m starting to see these gaps in the video, and I have a lot of gaps, » continues.

Coincidentally, the lost moments are when the thief’s face could have been seen.

Jim contacted Nest customer service and was informed that the doorbell had problems communicating with the Internet at the time of the incident.

I thought I couldn’t believe it, I started doing some research and found that they can be bought. small microcontrollers that they actually replace clients that are on your Wi-Fi network and basically cause interference. “

They cost 7 dollars. For $50, Grubb found a wrist model that offers more precise control.

Apparently this is nothing new. Many people have seen people around the house and then accessed the Ring app and there is no recording.

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