They warn of a fraud modality through fraudulent calls on WhatsApp that use the ASSE logo

The Ministry of the Interior and the Lavalleja Police Headquarters warn against a new modality Fraud called Vishing, where criminals use the logo of ACES and Public Health to access the accounts’ domain Whatsapp the victim.

The fraud method is carried out through a fraudulent call via WhatsApp with an unknown number, domestic or international. Therefore, the authorities ask you to be extremely careful and not to respond, even if the cell phone screen says “Public Health” and the ASSE logo appears.

“This is a scam based on the development of social engineering and includes all the methods used by criminals to gain the trust of the call recipient in order to obtain money or confidential information that will allow them to commit a subsequent crime.” Statement from Lavalleja Headquarters.

In recent days, the police have registered several investigations and reports of attempted fraud and other cases involving this type of crime across the country.

The authorities provide a series of recommendations to avoid becoming a victim of this crime.

  • When purchasing items offered on social networks, NO Forward payments without first verifying the origin and authenticity of the publication. Remember, you can do more extensive searches or just go to established locations.
  • Be wary of product offerings that cost significantly less than those on the market and that also offer irrational benefits to those who purchase them, such as: B. free shipping or installation or free extended warranties if the purchase price does not justify it, among others.
  • If someone asks you for money via SMS or WhatsApp and pretends to be someone you know, check by other means to make sure this is really the case before making a transfer.
  • NO Share personal information with strangers and remember that those behind these maneuvers often begin the dialogue by trying to gain trust by offering products, services or loans in exchange for access to your information.
  • When purchasing vehicles and/or other items offered on social networks NO Forward payments without first verifying the origin and authenticity of the publication. Remember that when it comes to vehicles, you can rely on professionals such as notaries or trusted advisors.
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