Mexico condemned Ecuador and former Vice President Glas was hospitalized because he refused to eat

Mexico has sued Ecuador in the International Court of Justice over police entering its embassy to arrest former Vice President Jorge Glas who, also, During his detention, he refused to eat and had to be hospitalized..

The increase in diplomatic tensions peaked on the night of Friday, April 5, when Ecuadorian police stormed the Mexican embassy.

Rafael Correa’s former vice president was there, Jorge Glas is accused of corruption by the Ecuadorian justice system and has been a refugee since December claims that he was the object of political persecution.

A delegation of 18 people – including diplomats and their families – who were in Ecuador have already returned to Mexico.

Jorge Glas refused to eat and was hospitalized after his arrest at the Mexican embassy

Glas was hospitalized on Monday because he refused food in the Guayaquil prison where he was transferredthe prison service reported. At the age of 54, he suffered “possible decompensation due to his refusal to eat the food provided” while in prison.the Prison Service said in a statement.

The former vice president (2013-2017) is “stable and will remain under medical observation for several hours” at the naval hospital in the port of Guayaquil (southwest Ecuador), he added.

Local media previously reported, citing a police report, that Glas had fallen into a “self-induced deep coma” due to taking antidepressants.

Vinicio Tapia, one of Glas’s lawyers, told AFP You have been prevented from speaking to your customer.

“We don’t know (about his condition) for more than 60 hours, we don’t know anything about him since he was kidnapped at the Mexican embassy” on Friday when police stormed the diplomatic headquarters, he said.

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Meanwhile, former Vice President Glas’s lawyer, Sonia Vera, He stated that his client had been kidnapped by the police.

A historic invasion in the recent history of the American states

Mexico broke off diplomatic relations with Ecuador, which described Glass Asylum as “illegal.” The former vice president was released from prison as a precautionary measure in 2022 after serving five of eight years in prison for other corruption cases.

The break-in at the Mexican embassy is unprecedented in recent history and has been condemned by numerous countries and organizations around the world such as the United Nations (UN) and the Organization of American States (OAS).

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador claimed that entering his country’s embassy was “a violation of sovereignty.”

With information from AFP.

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