They resumed the search for the missing man in San Antonio; The arrested police officer will be charged today

The police resumed the search for the body of Carlos Cuadro, the 70-year-old man, this Saturday from 7 a.m miss in the city since April 7th Saint Anthonylocated north of the Canelones department.

The task focuses on the Cañada Grande landfill. The search was carried out on Friday and resumed this Saturday with the assistance of members of the Republican Guard. A police officer is arrested due to Cuadro’s disappearance.

The prosecutor of Canelones, Luján Gómez, plans to formalize the investigation against the police officer in a hearing that will take place this Saturday from 4:30 p.m. Upon consultation with Underlined Regarding the accusation, Gómez pointed out that murder sentences have been passed without the appearance of the body, although they are few, but they do exist.

The prosecutor’s office is waiting for the results of the tests on the police officer’s car, which showed traces of blood in an upholstery shop in Aguas Corrientes. The man told the upholsterer that the blood was that of a dog.

Cuadro has been missing since April 7 and the 31-year-old cashier was arrested for withdrawing money using the victim’s card after the disappearance. He lives in the same city as the septuagenarian.

The police have information that the man’s body was thrown into a garbage dump truck, which is why the search is focused on the area of ​​​​the garbage dump.

Cecilia Botta, the man’s niece, said the person who noticed his absence was a baker who brought bread to the location.

“He had left the bread on Tuesday and on Friday he came back and said to his niece, ‘How strange that Cuadro didn’t pick up the bread,'” he said.

They began searching, breaking down the door of the house and not finding him. “I assumed they had stolen the card and ID since they were missing,” he added.

“He was the guy who didn’t talk to anyone, he was a very quiet person,” he said of his uncle.

The police officer was a neighbor of Cuadro and “gave a version of how he would have killed this person, giving signs and places where he could be,” police chief Víctor Trezza said.

“The District Attorney’s Office continues to address the missing person hypothesis, but we strongly believe there is a new homicide in the department,” Trezza added. He also said that camera surveillance corroborated the police officer’s version.

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