Ron Don Miguel Legado, in its House Blend and Special Blend versions, are formulas by Miguel Barceló Pascual with an innovative Dominican patent which we baptized “OAK STICKS”. “These Oak Stick, is a clearly Dominican scientific development, these are manufactured from the American white oak barrels that we use to age our rums, after extracting the aged ones, we disassemble the barrels and transform the staves into these pieces that when introduced in the bottles they make the aging and transformation process more efficient within them” express their grandsons Manuel and Julian Jr. Ron Don Miguel continues to set standards in the local rum industry and also in the very dynamic and active world rum industry. Ron Don Miguel Legado is produced in a limited way to five thousand bottles per type, considered small batches. Our HOUSE BLEND version is a formula transformed to current tastes and our SPECIAL BLEND version is a traditional Dominican rum formula similar to those rums from the late 70’s and early 80’s. “These are our new proposals, maintaining our deep-rooted traditions and daring to innovate and be different” conclude the young people.