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They ask Trump and DeSantis to join in a presidential formula

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, in a file photo.  BLAZETRENDS/Giorgio Viera

Miami, (BLAZETRENDS).- The organization We the People Convention published a paid advertisement on Monday in the Miami Herald newspaper in which it urged former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to join forces in the same candidacy for 2024 instead of “ripping each other apart for the next 12 months.”

Tom Zawistowski, president of the national organization of conservative voters, said in a statement sent to BLAZETRENDS that “it is crystal clear that this is not the time to continue with the traditional way of doing politics and extraordinary action is needed to defeat the left.” in 2024 and restore the rule of law and our constitutional form of government.”

The notice recalls a recent survey by the Rasmussen company that indicates that the Republican “winning team” for the 2024 elections is the one formed by Trump and DeSantis.

Trump De Santis Formula

“A unity electoral ticket” with Trump as a candidate for the White House and DeSantis as vice president would have 51% support compared to 43% for the current president, Joe Biden and vice president Kamala Harris, he points out.

This week, probably on Wednesday or Thursday, DeSantis is expected to make his candidacy official in the 2024 Republican primary.

A pre-presidential race in which, according to all polls, Trump is currently the favorite, with more than 30 votes ahead of DeSantis.

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mutual criticism

Trump, who in 2018 supported DeSantis to reach the governorship, has made him the main target of his criticism since it became clear months ago that the Florida man has presidential ambitions.

“We cannot afford to waste time, effort and money on the conservative side with candidates attacking and destroying each other while the left eliminates any primary competition and focuses all its resources on the effort to capture votes for the 2024 general election,” he says. Zawistowski.

The ad asks conservative voters to call DeSantis and ask him not to announce his candidacy until he speaks to Trump.

What is We the People Convention?

In addition, they ask the former president to talk with his former political godson and “reach an agreement for the benefit of our nation and the American people.”

According to the website of the Akron, Ohio-based non-profit organization, its purposes are to “recruit, educate, and motivate” citizens to play their constitutionally defined role in the government of their municipalities and counties, as well as in our state and nation, all to “protect liberty, liberty and prosperity and the American way of life.”

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