The wife of the Saudi crown prince is trying to promote science and technology in the kingdom.

RIYADH: Princess Sarah bint Shahid bin Abdulaziz, the wife of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has announced plans to establish a new center for science and technology.

According to Urdu News, the wife of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, Princess Sarah bint Shahr bin Abdul Aziz, who is also the chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Knowledge Center, has announced the plan to establish a new knowledge center for science and technology. .

The initiative aims to encourage science and technology skills among Saudi youth.

The research and discovery center will be a fully non-profit, established in the non-profit Mohammed bin Salman City in Riyadh, with the center opening in 2025.

The aim of this center is to provide the best opportunities in the field of science to the new generation so that they can broaden their horizon of thinking according to the demands of the modern age.

The center is affiliated to the Mohammed bin Salman institution Musk, which provides the best facilities in the field of education to the new generation so that the educational needs are met in the best way keeping in mind the future requirements.

Princess Sarah bint Shahr, Director of the Board of Knowledge Center, says that the center will be developed keeping in mind all the requirements of modern sciences, where the abilities of the new generation equipped with scientific inventions and contemporary requirements will be highlighted.

He further said that our vision is to develop such a complete center where the new generation will not only be informed about all the mysteries of science and technology, but also the dedication and passion for inventions will be nurtured in them so that the next generation May our future be blessed.

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The core programs of the Knowledge Center for Science and Technology will be in the fields of science, technology, reading, engineering, art and mathematics as per the modern requirements.

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