the theory that was revived about “Korra.”

The series Avatar: The Last Airbender was a success on the Netflix platform for the remake of the popular anime.

In this way, the miniseries created by Albert Kim was able to captivate its followers and became a trend on social networks and streaming platforms.

The story is set in an Asian world and a war-ravaged arctic environment where some people can control the basic elements such as water, earth, fire and air.

Here the character “Aang” appears as an avatar, the only one capable of mastering these four elements and bringing peace to Earth.

However, “Aang” is pursued by the vengeful, exiled Prince of the Fire Nation (Zuko); who wants to regain his recognition and honor by capturing the Avatar.

In the middle of this path, the boy is found by his adventure companions “Katara” and “Sokka”.

This has led many fans of the series to revisit some theories they had when talking to the networks.

Spoiler alert

The theory about “Korra”

The Netflix series, like the original story, tells the concept of the Avatar Cycle. This master can utilize the four elements and has a great ability to connect with spirits.

The truth is that when an Avatar dies, his spirit passes into the body of a newborn baby of another nation, forming a whole cycle in which he passes from earth to water, fire to air, etc.

However, “Aang” was trapped in an iceberg and remained missing for a hundred years.

This caused a change in the cycle, as in reality Avatar did not die but was missing.

And here a new theory about who the new Avatar should be has been revived.

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Some followers of the saga have claimed that “Korra” did not have to succeed “Anng”, but that this position must have gone to “Yue”, the princess of the Northern Water Tribe.

It is believed that “Anng” would have aged in this way and his death would have coincided with the birth of this princess.

“When Yue was born, she was very weak and made no sound, and no healer seemed able to help her… But by immersing her in the spiritual oasis of the north, the spirit of the moon gave her one Part of her life.” Violence,” reports the Espinof portal.

Some believe that Yue was born without a soul because she was destined to become the next Avatar. But we must remember that Ang was still alive and therefore could not inherit his spirit.

Followers of the animated series believe that the energy of the moon filled this gap and therefore the princess was able to lead a normal life. Something that would explain why his hair turned moon white.

Strangely, Yue became a link between the human and spirit worlds, but by sacrificing herself, she ultimately restored the spirit of the moon and managed to keep the waterbenders’ powers.

In fact, this version of Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix is ​​more than obvious because when she sleeps, she can visit the spirit world and is a waterbender.

And what do you think of this theory?

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