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The signing of Yannick Carrasco is frozen

The signing of Yannick Carrasco is frozen

The signing of Yannick Carrasco right now is “in the fridge”, according to sources from the locker room assured AS. The Belgian winger of Atlético de Madrid was one of the firmest targets to reinforce the left wing, but the new scenario that LaLiga has opened up, accepting the club’s viability plan with nuances, allows little room for maneuver to complete the entire list of reinforcement.

In fact, in the current situation, There are only three positions that are considered priority at all levels: a defensive midfielder, an attacking midfielder and a center forward.. The rest of the positions that they wanted to reinforce have been parked until further notice, directly affecting the left winger.

The sports area has been working for a long time with the incorporation of two players in this position: Yannick Carrasco and Ezra Abde. With the first, an agreement had even been reached in principle this January with Atlético de Madrid to incorporate him into the Blaugrana discipline starting next season, for a figure close to 15 million euros. A principle that had to be ratified by the Catalan entity and that today is far from closed.

The main obstacle is the LaLiga penalty that prevents Barcelona from working under the parameters of 1/1, forcing it to go through the 40% hoop in all its operations, that is, out of every million that it sells, it will only be able to enter 400,000 euros in transfers. .

With this sword of Damocles over his head, Barcelona has been forced to assume that it will be difficult to close all the folders, having to prioritize the most urgent. And in this case, both the right back and the left winger are considered positions that can be solved with the players you already have at home.

In the case at hand, it would be the Moroccan Ezra Abde the option that is contemplated to cover the band, once his loan to Osasuna has been successfully completed. This new scenario It would also open the doors to the continuity of Ferran Torres, as another alternative to occupy the extreme left. The one from Torrent would go ahead of Ansu Fati: the transfer of the squad player could mean a significant economic injection to try to deal with the priority operations that the club has this summer.

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