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The Spanish women’s basketball team won (63-65) in the first of the two friendly matches to prepare for the European Championship against Hungary leadered by Alba Torrens (23 points)who not only served as a beacon in scoring, but was also decisive in the final moments.

The duel began with the locals scoring the first two baskets, an effervescence that Raquel Carrera countered by winning the first four Spanish points alone. Shortly after, a 0-6 run, started with a triple by Cristina Ouviña, gave Spain the lead for the first time.

The Hungarian players managed to plug into the clash again and balanced the contest, but two outside hits by Torrens allowed the Spanish to leave at the end of the first act with their highest income up to that moment (14-20, min.10).

Ágnes Studer and Bernadett Határ, on their return to the parquet, prevented the gap from getting bigger and encouraged theirs not to dilute. In that line they were cutting the deficit and ended up being in front again thanks to a three pointer from Debora Dubei.

They were able to maintain that inertia until the intermission (36-33, min.20). The second half began with problems when it came to seeing the hoop for each other. Such was the case that in the first 5 minutes only eight points had been converted, four per side.

Led by Torrens, Spain escaped that lethargy better, with ten points that only had a reply on a long shot from Dubei. The set was key in the end for Miguel Méndez’s team to lead the third quarter (45-46, min.30).

The meagerness of the difference was the norm in the first bars of the decisive ten minutes, even after the Maite Cazorla, Paula Ginzo and Leonor Rodríguez will create and maintain a +6 short life; Well, it was answered through an 8-0 run in which Cyesha Goree was key. In maximum balance, the outcome was in the hands of the last possessions.

There emerged the seniority and inspiration of Alba Torrens, who first with a 2+1 and then with a quick counterattack that put the finishing touch left a triple with suspense from Virag Kiss in nothing. The two sets will meet again on Saturday on the same stage.

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