The second Argentine arrested for cell phone theft in Cosquín Rock has been sentenced

The second Argentine was arrested for stealing a cell phone Cosquín Rocks. The activity took place at the weekend in Rural del Prado.

He was convicted of seven criminal offenses and received a suspended prison sentence of eleven months.

Police sources told News Agency that the man was arrested on Sunday evening at Lucas Obes Avenue and 19 de Abril while running with seven cell phones in his backpack. He said at the time that he had found them and that they were his. He is 34 years old and comes from the city of Córdoba.

This Monday, another 33-year-old Argentine was convicted of several particularly serious theft offenses. The police also arrested him on Sunday evening in Lucas Obes and Hermanos Ruiz with 14 cell phones that were stolen out of care, official sources said at the time. The judge ordered the first to serve a 13-month suspended sentence.

Mobile phones from the iPhone, Samsung, Redmi and Motorola brands were confiscated. In the first case, a Banco República card and a suitcase were also confiscated.

This Monday, the Montevideo headquarters asked the victims to go to the 7th department at Félix Olmedo 3670 in Montevideo to identify the devices.

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