The Saltburn House location has gone viral and visitors are coming

Fans of the film “Saltburn” arrive outside the house where the story was filmed to take photos and videos.

In December 2023, Amazon Prime Video released the film on its streaming platform and it quickly became a success.

The main story of the film is set in the 2000s and follows “Oliver Quick” (Barry Keoghan). He is a student at Oxford University and wants to make friends with the most popular people at the university.

Then he wants to join the circle of friends of “Felix Catton” (Jacob Elordi), an attractive young man from the upper class who invites him to spend an unforgettable summer in “Saltburn”, the luxurious home of his flamboyant family.

Salt burn

Photo: Amazon Studios

The location of the famous Saltburn house was known on the networks and its owner is fed up with people coming to this place

On social networks, especially on TikTok, the location of the house in Northamptonshire, England became known and quickly went viral, leading to various people coming forward.

While this is a rewarding experience for fans of the film, this is not the case for the homeowner.

“I never imagined how much interest there would be. It’s pretty strange. I don’t think it’s flattering. How would you feel if people took photos in front of your house? I would prefer the interest to go away, but I can’t make it go away,” Charles Stopford Sackville, the owner of the house called Drayton House, told Daily Mail.

Charles never imagined that the house would have so much significance and that people would take the time to get there. Due to the crowds, he was even forced to hire additional security guards.

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But hey, we get it, the house played a great role in the hit film starring Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi.

Would you like to visit Saltburn House?

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