the reasons why you learned it in school

He PI number? 3.14, most people know how to answer. But what very few people know is everything Hide this infinite sequence from which additional decimal places are taken every year to accompany the 3. They are already in, although the sources are very different more than 60 billionsays the mathematician David Ríos in statements to Efe. But this number goes beyond mathematics. The “3.141592..” (the sequence is infinite) has been the one for centuries more fascinating and learned numbers (also in schools). For many reasons.

First for reveal the connection between circumference and diameter of a scope – crucial in analysis – but also in all areas of knowledge: in physics, in engineering, in many medical advances, in quantum computing or to understand the rules that govern the universe. This irrational number that hides the key to navigation, algorithms or artificial intelligence.

What is the number Pi?

The professor of risk analysis and data science at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (ICMAT) of the Higher Council for Scientific Research declared that the number Pi is a number”transcendent”, “irrational” and “infinite”.“And so it will always be, although every year progress is made in the knowledge of the number of decimal places that accompany the 3 and which, although the sources are very different, are already over 60 billion.

The importance of this number is so great that it is also behind the algorithm that recommends the next purchase, suggests a song or a book, economic forecasts and automatic machine learning, as the expert has observed. However, he recognizes that although this mathematical constant occurs in virtually all scientific disciplines, due to the properties and solutions it provides for each of them, it is common for many of them Properties are still unknown. That is, many of the solutions to some challenges facing humanity (economics, medicine or security) lie behind mathematics.

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From number to day

This transcendent, irrational and infinite number is so important that it has its own day. Not for long, however. THE idea came from physicist Larry Shaw in San Francisco in 1988. But I know officially celebrated since 2009 Following a resolution of the United States House of Representatives, the date was approved to highlight this Existence of the famous mathematical constant and more broadly, the role of science and mathematics in solving problems in physics, engineering, or medicine, among many others.

In this sense, UNESCO would like to influence this Success of Internet search engines These are mathematical algorithms in which secure communication is based on number theory or in which some medical devices (resonance or scanners) begin by collecting numerical data that an algorithm converts into images.

The decoding of the human genome was a scientific milestone supported by the Statistics, computer science and mathematicsthat transform computer vision, machine translation or autonomous vehicles and serve to understand how epidemics spread to shape electoral systems and legislation or to better understand natural risks and prevent disasters. Now you not only know what number Pi hides, but also what current effects it has.

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