The point and followed by Marta Marrero | Padel Club #52

 The point and followed by Marta Marrero |  Padel Club #52

It is a full stop, not a full stop. Martha Marrero announced last December that he was taking a few months off to open a new stage in his life and that temporarily hangs the shovel.

And now that she’s stepped back from the tracks, an exciting new cycle in her life begins with the road to motherhood, in Pádel Club, the padel podcast of Diario AS and Cadena SER, We chatted with the former number one in world paddle tennis to find out how she is and how her decision has been, but also to catharsis her prolific career after having jumped from tennis to paddle tennis more than a decade ago.

Because Marrero was a pioneer in changing the racket for the shovel. And, in addition, with outstanding results: twice number one World Padel Tourmore than 25 titles and a total of 385 games for an enviable career that places her in a prominent place in professional women’s paddle tennis. An interesting story that we know a little more in depth, also looking at the future and her professional projects.

An episode in which, as always, we will have space for amateur paddle tennis and this time we continue with the series of brands. Bullpadel, the most recognized brand today, stars in this chapter and we know how its product is manufactured or the details of the Bullpadel paddle tennis rackets with Pali Rovaletti.

And, in addition, the most viral of the week, the news of the last days and much more.


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