Brahim acquires Florentino’s prize at Real Madrid

The importance that the Malaga midfielder has acquired in Ancelotti’s starting XI is truly evident and is therefore reflected in his new price tag.

The first stage of Brahim Diaz inside real Madrid It looks nothing like the second (current) one. and that can be checked at his level. At the 2019 winter market, the midfielder came from Manchester City as a player with high expectations. The truth is that he hasn’t had a good job this year and part of 2020 Meringue painting

On his return from Milan, Brahim Diaz He arrived with a different mentality and knew how to take advantage of the opportunities that came his way. Carlo Ancelotti. So far he has already played 1,598 minutes in 34 games, in which he scored 9 goals and 5 assists. Performance that has Florentino Perez hesitates at the thought of his departure.

EGD Real Madrid
Brahim became a very important player for Ancelotti.

60 million euros for Brahim Díaz

Given the different calls made by several teams from the Premier, Serie A and the Bundesliga For the Andalusian midfielder, the president has decided to set a price of 60 kilos for the player. Since there is no termination clause as such, the Merengue president has every right to place the figure he sees fit.

Brahim has a base price of 35 million euros, which is why it’s not that crazy for Florentino to ask for 60. And if we analyze the role that the former Milan player played in the Italian coach’s squad, we see that he is a pretty complete player in all respects. In addition, the Premier League can pay for this operation.

Spain lost Brahim, but Real Madrid did not

There is still excitement in the Spanish national team about the Brahim case, in which Luis de la Fuente is the only culprit. The Rioja native did not consider the 24-year-old midfielder and therefore chose Morocco because he had descendants from there. It’s a big blow for La Roja as he is a very unbalanced footballer up front.

Real Madrid don’t want to take the same risk and see their player leave the Santiago Bernabéu to go to England, Italy or Germany. Although Brahim’s contract is signed until 2027, José Ángel Sánchez has already started putting a new plan in motion to completely shield the Málaga star. This strategy is nothing more than imposing a high clause on the player.

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