Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been seen helping those in need with his life for the past few years. Sonu Sood showed a different avatar during the Corona period and helped thousands of people in many ways. Someone bought a bicycle and another a tractor. He even helped people stuck in cities far from their villages to get home during the Corona period.

However, it’s not like Sonu Sood has stopped helping people now. It’s clear from his Twitter account that she’s still helping people. In the latest case, on Saturday, Sonu Sood took responsibility for a child’s education. Retweeting a tweet, he said it’s time to read.

In fact, on April 4 last month, a Twitter handle named Dharmendra Kumar was tweeted with a photo of a child. When tagging Sonu Sood, it was written: “Brother of Sonu Sood, I know that only you are helping everyone. So I have come here with high hopes and would like to ask you for your neighbor’s son, who needs your help in my life.” academic. Brother, please help this poor child. You are a very kind and kind person. Please help.”

Today, Sonu Sood responded to this tweet made about a month ago. Many users praise him for his response. One user wrote: “Lord, God bless you always.” Another user wrote in the comment, “Dil se salaam.”


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