The Next Total War Game Has Been Revealed

Following the conclusion of the saga Warhammerexplored from top to bottom through three episodes Total Warit’s time for the studio The Creative Assembly to return to the beginnings of their flagship license and to dive back into the history books.


Gone are the creatures of chaos and the demonic forces of the Vortex ofAge Of Sigmar. For its next installment, the British studio has decided to dive back into history by exploring ancient egyptwhich will be the theme of the next Total War.

First name Total War: Pharaohthe next installment will take place during the collapse of Bronze Age, located around 3000 BC. A dark period filled with conflicts between the civilizations of Southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Total War Pharaoh – Trailer / The Creative Assembly

Total War Pharaoh is planned for October 2023priced at €59.99 for the base game.

Regarding the novelties that will accompany this new opus, the developers have focused on weather phenomenawhich will be an integral part of the gameplay and will have direct impacts on the troops and their effectiveness, in addition to the aesthetic aspect that this will bring. New phenomena of building destructionsuch as spreading fires for example, have also been introduced to the game. The ability to start at a random starting point on the Global Map will also be possible in order to provide some diversity to the campaign.

Total War Pharaoh – Screenshoot Trailer / The Creative Assembly

For now, the base game would contain 8 playable factionstaken from 3 crops different: Egyptians, Canaanites (current area of ​​Israel to western Syria) and the Hittites (current Türkiye). It also seems that Faction Heroes can call on ancient magic drawn from the myths and legends of ancient Egypt, without further details on their abilities.

Finally, the game already has 4 pre-orderable DLCs with the Dynasty Edition of this new component, adding playable factions to the game as well as a new campaign.

Total War Pharaoh is available for pre-order and cross-play will be possible between players on the platforms Steam And EpicGames.

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