The new generation of must-see artists at Vive Latino 2024

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A new generation of artists is starting to break into the festival. These are the new Vive Latino 2024 artists you shouldn’t miss.

At this point it is clear that this is the case “Father of Feasts” of modern times in Mexico. But it’s also true that one gets the impression that the event is constantly “recycling” artists from the old guard for its lineups… Then where are the new Vive Latino artists?

For this current edition we find in the line-up many of those who, in our opinion They are the talents that set the standard in the industrywhether from folk, indie pop, hard rock, post punk and more styles…

new artists Vive Latino 2024
Illustrative image. Photo: Vive Latino.

Of course, there will be some that you already know. Or if you don’t know them, now is the time to listen to them. Ultimately, we want to give due space to those artists who, in our opinion, enjoy some recognition but deserve more. this is that New generation of artists to follow at Vive Latino 2024.

The new generation of artists you should see at Vive Latino 2024

Kevin Kaarl is an idol of new Mexican folk

In recent years, the indie folk movement in Mexico has been strengthened. And in this area, Kevin Kaarl is one of the most outstanding artists on the scene. The Chihuahua-born young composer began his career learning to read music in brass bands and then made the jump to a regional Mexican band, but that didn’t leave a good taste in his mouth.

He stepped away from music for a moment to pursue his dream of directing videos… and that’s exactly what he did. It motivated him to play again because he was composing his own songs. I’m thinking about making video clips for them. In 2018 he released his first songs, suggesting that he had a special affinity for acoustic music and melancholic ballads.

Since then he has released an EP and two studio albums in which his musical style has evolved. which has made him one of the Mexican artists with the greatest international musical projection. It’s not for nothing that he will be at Coachella this year, and he will also be one of the new artists at Vive Latino 2024 that you can’t miss. We tell you more about him in the A Tu Playlist.

Silvana Estrada takes Mexican folk music to another level

And if we talk about Mexico’s international projection, We cannot ignore the work of Silvana Estrada. She is the perfect balance between Mexican folk music like Son Jarocho and the jazz she studied during her college years.

Like big names in jazz Charlie Hunter or Antonio Sanchez They have worked with her… and in pop, personalities like Mon Laferte or Natalia Lafourcade know the extent of her talent.

Silvana Estrada: The talented Mexican singer-songwriter who empowers women with her music
Silvana Estrada/Photo: Getty Images

Silvana has her way between impressive singles and extended plays powerful, which would lead her to sign with Glassnote Records in 2020an American record label known for having Childish Gambino, Phoenix, CHVRCHES and more in its artist catalog.

After a long time, it finally started in 2022 Withereda debut album that confirmed the music of Silvana Estrada as a caress capable of causing a world of emotions to explode to the surface. He has been pursuing his career for some time, but it is undeniable that he is one of the new artists of Vive Latino 2024, of this refreshing generation that cannot be missed under any circumstances.

Sound Depression and how to refresh the concept of post-punk

When we talk about post-punk, a lot of people suddenly think of that “Russian post-punk” joke and other things. But beyond this stereotype, in countries like Spain there are artists who have taken seriously what style means, such as Sound Depression.

Marcos Crespo He is the artist behind this Vallecano project, created in the middle of the pandemic as a relief from lockdown. And beyond the role Post-punkThe charm of the songs on their first EPs was this lo-fi sensation accompanies his honest and wonderfully pessimistic texts; a quality that he maintains and that makes it easy for many of us to empathize with his work.

And the latter can be felt in their debut full-length album, The art of dying very slowly, which uses a lot of satire to counteract the excessive optimism that can seem misleading in the age of self-help. It’s great and honest music that makes you sad.

new artists Vive Latino 2024
Depression Sonora is one of the most interesting post-punk artists of recent years. Photo: via Facebook.

Bratty spearheads the new generation of artists at Vive Latino 2024

Just as it happened with the new Mexican people, it exploded in our country a few years ago a great generation of indie pop/bedroom pop artists that came to refresh the industry. And in this sense, Bratty has his place as an artist who marks the times for the Latin American Generation Z who loves indie music.

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At just 23 years old, Culichi has three albums to her name, a performance at Coachella that showed us the range of her music, and various appearances at Mexican festivals They directed her to her second Vive Latino in 2024.

At this point it must be said: Bratty has evolved from one of Mexico’s up-and-coming revelations into an inspirational figure who, we are sure, Later, he will headline major music events in the country.. Is it the voice of your generation? It doesn’t sound crazy at all.

DannyLux and how to break through the machinations of the Mexican region

The new wave of regional Mexican music, led by Corridos Tumbados, has dominated streaming platforms. And this style of music has diversified beyond the names Peso Pluma or Natanael Cano. Thanks to artists like DannyLux.

Daniel Valderrama, born in the US but from a Mexican family, found success on TikTok uploading covers. And when he couldn’t think of which songs to cover, he started composing. The thing about him is that he likes musical experimentation. Four years have passed from 2021 to 2024, during which he has released three full-length albums.

interview Dannylux
DannyxLux was born in Palm Spring into a family of Mexican descent. Photo: via Facebook.

The first two (The two faces of love And Confused from you) are romantic run Suddenly has bedroom pop influence. DLUX from 2023 (which had a special reissue in 2024), the regional Mexa will be retained, but with influential songs Rock, reggae, indie rock with psychedelia, bachata and techno dance.

Amid the rise of the new Mexican region He is a revolutionary who is not afraid to experiment. Check out the interview we did with him here.

The humor and punk honesty of the Sgt. Papers

The fun of punk and the raw sonic appeal of styles like garage rock and stoner that takes you back to the Sonoran Desert…Pure energy that shows us that the diversification of styles in the North that stems from punk is more alive than ever.

From Hermosillo, The Sgt. Papers, led by brothers Felipe and Iván García, are the dose of Pysch punk that electrifies you when you see them live. Each of their albums, Sgt. Papers Lonely Pysch Club Band, You Made Me Witchcraft And SGTPhave a lot of humor and honesty that proves something: Even though rock isn’t a lucrative business in Mexico, it’s important to have fun.

It’s just as inspiring to see what just two guys can do with guitar and drums. You don’t need a gang of three, four or five to create something great..

The warning: internationally recognized talent for three sisters

In 2014, they uploaded a cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” It earned them praise from the most nostalgic rock fans of yesteryear.. They were a viral phenomenon for the scene that thought a lot about “rock is dead”…

And little by little, they showed that they were more than just a group of sisters doing covers. They are three talented musicians who have mastered the execution of their instruments perfectly and currently They have given 5 record productions between albums and EPs

Metallica's Warning cover
The Warning/Photo: Courtesy

It may sound a bit contradictory, but they are a young band that already has a long history that has brought them worldwide recognition, and they have even succeeded in doing so on an individual level Paulina Villarreal is named Best Rock Drummer in the World 2023 from the Drumeo organization.

Also, how cool is it to be able to play at an official Metallica tribute and opening concerts for legendary bands like Muse or Foo Fighters, right? Hard rock with lively riffs remains and The Warning is proof.

These are the new artists of Vive Latino 2024… Some have been touring for several years, others are starting to shine, but one thing we are sure of is that they want to become the characters that others will see, with the ambition to pursue a musical career.

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