The ninth of the National Police doubled, both by knockout, their pair of the Laguneros de Moca, in two friendly softball games held at the Eduardo Viñas stadium, in this city.

The visitors prevailed with bulky scores of 16-3 and 10-1, driven by the hermetic work of starters Henry Almonte and Wilfredo Badía. Carlos Bueno and Ángel Santos, on the other hand, were punished for the strong offensive of the uniformed men.

Jhon Bencosme stood out on offense with two home runs as well as Estarlin Rosario, Cuevas Serrano, Luis Hiciano and Francis Medina one home run each.

The softball event was part of the sports activities held by the National Police in the neighborhoods of the capital and the interior of the country, with the aim of strengthening ties with the community.

Assistant manager throws first ball

The friendly exchange was attended by the deputy director of the Police, General Orisson Olivence Minaya, who represented the director of the uniformed, Major General Eduardo Alberto Then.

Olivence Minaya, who made the launch of honor, said that “these sporting events are held nationwide in different sports for the institution to keep close and hand in hand with the working men and women who live according to the laws.”

He pointed out that Colonel Jacobo Mateo Moquete, Sports Commander, has instructions from the Director General to maintain the rhythm of sports exchanges with children and adults “because it is the best way to achieve rapprochement and trust from the people.”

Before the games, Olivence Minaya, Mateo Moquete and the provincial commander Colonel José Francisco De la Cruz, exchanged impressions with athletes, merchants, religious and representatives of the Moca living forces.

The merchant Andrés García, owner of the Los Laguneros team, the sports director Ramón Sánchez and the deacon Ramón Acosta, who blessed the event, praised the attitude of Major General Alberto Then, of choosing sport as an approach and invited him, through the deputy director , to a sports exchange for a full weekend in various disciplines.



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