The Mexican film that got Coldplay to use their music

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Believe it or not, a Mexican film has managed the unthinkable: allowing Coldplay to use one of their classics. Can you guess which one it is?

Cinema and music are definitely two arts that harmonize wonderfully with each other, because there are films that we particularly remember because of their songs. It is well known that performing on tape can be a great platform for bands and artists. But There are those who weren’t as excited for their songs to appear on the big screen, as was the case with Coldplay.

It has been since its inceptionThe British band released real classics that would look great in any film project without much thought. But even if you don’t believe it, even before it became a major name in the music industry, They weren’t so confident about giving permission for their songs to be featured in films.

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Although the reason why Coldplay did not want the songs they composed to appear in cinemas is not entirely clear, it is known that the first attempt to bring one of their songs to the big screen was in 2001, when this is reported became Sylvester Stallone was interested in using it “Trouble” for the soundtrack of his film Drivenbut the band declined the offer.

A Mexican film changed Coldplay’s mind about using their music in cinema

Although some of the British group’s songs appeared in some television series (e.g Sign), for some reason they didn’t let her play on the big screen. However, That changed in 2006, as strange as it may seema Mexican film, was responsible for breaking this strange rule set by Chris Martin and co about the use of his music in the film.

It turns out that It premiered this year an egg filmthe first feature film by Gabriel and Rodolfo Riva Palaciowho had already made a name for themselves with their animation studio Egg cartoonwith which they created ambiguous animations and adult humor that became famous on the internet long before the word “viral” entered our vocabulary.

The Mexican film that got Coldplay to use their music
Gabriel Rivas Palacios and Rodolfo Riva Palacios were the creators of “Huevocartoon” and the minds behind “An Egg Movie”/Photo: Getty Images

In this film they tell us the story of Toto, a small egg who decides to fulfill his life’s purpose and become a chicken instead of ending up in human food. To do this, he plans to return to the farms where he was born with his new friends Willy the Egg and a crazy slice of bacon. However, they face several enemies along the way who want to prevent him from reaching his goal..

To the surprise of some an egg film It was a success in every way.because it received very good reviews from critics and it achieved a major breakthrough at the box office since it managed to gross 142.3 million Mexican pesos while its production only cost 17 million… The proof is that it has awards like that Silver Goddess and Ariel won.

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However, that wasn’t the only thing that got attention in this film. We say this because in one of the most important and memorable scenes we see Toto, Willy and Bacon flying on a pigeon until they reach the protagonist’s destination. And definitely This moment amazed us because they set it to none other than “Speed ​​​​of Sound” by Coldplay.

And at this point you might be wondering how the band turned down Sylvester Stallone’s offer He accepted that they use this great song an egg film (We must not forget that the budget was very low). Well, even if you don’t believe it, the reason is quite simple.

Chris Martin’s daughter was the one who played “Speed ​​of Sound” in “An Egg Movie.”

In an interview for The universal, Gabriel Riva Palacio stated that from the beginning they tried to use “speed of sound” in the film, but paying for the rights to the song was out of budget. However fIt was thanks to Chris Martin’s daughter Apple Martin that Coldplay decided to give Mexican animators permission to use the song in their film. and on the soundtrack… the way you read it, it’s no joke

“When we sent the proposal to the band’s representative and he told us how much it would cost us, we saw that it was prohibitive. However, thanks to the work of our amazing musical director Lynn Fainchtein, an excerpt of the tape was sent to Chris Martin and his daughter seems to like it.”

But that wasn’t all as Riva Palacio mentioned it The group realized that they were given permission to play the song an egg film could bring you an advantage: “We wanted to include this song (“Speed ​​of Sound”) in the story because it is one of the songs we like the most, but the price for it was prohibitive. But in the end they agreed because the band said, ‘May this help Coldplay gain more recognition in the world.'”

And you know what’s the strangest thing about the whole thing? The After Chris Martin and Co. allowed their song to be used in this Mexican production, their music appeared in many other film and television productions. very important and remembered.

Grey’s Anatomy, Boyhood, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Amazing Spider-Man, Wedding Crashers, The OC, Scrubs, Criminal Minds, Suits, The Hills, Family Guy, Trolls Smallville, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, The money heist And Buffy the Vampire Slayer They were among the series and cassettes that Coldplay gave the opportunity to use their songs. And without it this might not have been possible An egg film.

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