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The law on wearing the veil in Iran soon to be changed?

It is difficult to say whether the law will gain in flexibility or, on the contrary, in rigidity. But since the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurd arrested by the morality police in Tehran, the dress code of the Islamic Republic, imposing the wearing of the veil on women, has been strongly contested by a large movement of demonstrations, which the power has never ceased to repress. Iranian women spearheaded the protests, shouting anti-government slogans, removing and burning their headscarves.

“Parliament and the judiciary are working” on this issue, said Attorney General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, quoted by the Isna news agency on Friday. He was careful not to specify what could be changed in the law, especially since the ultra-conservative President Ebrahim Raïsi has already imposed new clothing restrictions.

Results “in a week or two”

The veil became compulsory in Iran in 1983, four years after the 1979 Islamic revolution. to “spread the culture of decency and hijab”.

The Attorney General has announced an upcoming date for the results of the exam on compulsory wearing of the hijab. “For example, we had a meeting with the Parliament’s Cultural Committee on Wednesday and we will see the results in a week or two,” he said in a speech in Qom, south of Tehran.

This ultra-conservative called on the “families of the martyrs” and the “Hawzah” (seminars for the study of Shiite Islamic values), to demand action from the executive bodies in the fight against disobedience to the wearing of the veil. For his part, President Raisi said on Saturday in Tehran during a conference: “Our constitution has solid and immutable values ​​and principles (…) But there are methods of implementing the constitution which can be changed” .

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