The Interior Ministry has acquired a 3D scanner to virtually reconstruct complex scenes

The Ministry of the Interior has purchased a 3D scanner that is intended to enable the virtual reconstruction of complex scenes in homicides and traffic accidents.

Interior Minister Nicolás Martinelli used his X account to publicize the purchase. The Foreign Minister wrote: “More technology in security. The Interior Ministry has purchased a 3D scanner that enables the virtual reconstruction of complex scenes such as homicides and traffic accidents. This device precisely locates all elements of an investigation and converts them into digital images for subsequent examination and analysis by specialized experts and researchers, making it easier to reconstruct the facts and carry out simulations.”

As Underrayado learned, it is a device that, like a large photographic device, is capable of taking three-dimensional images in 360 degrees. In this way, open or closed spaces are recorded in great detail, which can then be viewed on the computer by the researchers.

This new scanner is another investment by the Ministry of the Interior. The wallet also uses Shot Spotter software. This system is based on acoustic artificial intelligence. This allows you to determine whether the detected sound is a gun shot. This identification will also allow you to know when and where it happened.

The ShotSpotter model allows police to be confident that the shooting actually occurred and distinguish it from pyrotechnics or the sounds of a free exhaust pipe.

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