The heroine of Sunny Deol was sitting in the married Kumar Sanu, there was a lot of fuss

Actress Meenakshi Seshadri, who ruled the big screen in the ’90s, needs no introduction. She has worked with all the biggest stars in the industry and has starred in countless blockbuster movies. Alongside Sunny Deol, she has shown her acting chops in ‘Damini’. In addition to gaining fame in movies, Meenashi was also in the spotlight for her personal life. The actress had reportedly given her heart to a famous singer at the peak of her career. Let’s get to know this interesting story of her life.

Actually, we are talking about the matter of Meenakshi Sheshadri and singer Kumar Sanu. Which had been a ton of headlines at the time. Their love blossomed during the filming of the movie ‘Jurm’ and by the movie’s release, the discussion of their romance became common in the industry, but when this came out at Kumar Sanu’s house, there was a lot of discussion. fuss because at that time Singer was already married.

When the singer’s wife found out about Meenashi and Kumar’s affair, she divorced the singer. But due to love, Kumar’s married life was spoiled. He did not stay with them for long. Actually both of them got separated after some time and Meenashi Sheshadri got married to banker Harish Mysore as soon as she separated from Kumar Sanu. After the marriage, the actress disassociated herself from the cinema and after saying goodbye to Bollywood, she settled in the United States.

At the same time, some time ago, the actress was seen on the singing reality show Indian Idol. In which she talked about her life, saying, “I went to the US, I became a wife, I became a mother, I became everything and I also became a cook. Now I can say that I cook very good vegetarian food from the South India”.

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