It is among the blockbuster movies of 2018 that have more to a large community of moviegoers. The Greatest Showman by Michael Graceyis a musical comedy that was a hit at the box office with $434 million in worldwide revenue. Nominees to Oscars for the song “This Is Me”, the feature film has a now cult soundtrack in the international cultural landscape. So much so that rumors invoking the start of a second film are legion even if nothing has yet been announced. In any case, all the protagonists who ensured the success of the film want to come back for these new adventures.

Michael Gracey is open to re-stack, same story on the side of Hugh Jackman and Keala Settle, only if there is a worthy story to tell. They are joined by a new actress from the film who affirmed with variety return turn the continuation in ” a wink “ if it happened: Michelle Williams (Charity Hallett-Barnum):

“I’d make another one in a heartbeat. I wish they would do a sequel. […] This movie brought so much joy to so many people and making people so happy, man, is something worth spending your time doing. I really like this movie. My daughter Matilda sang these songs. My mother always listens to this soundtrack. I love doing things for kids that are full of joy and positivity. »

For the moment, no release date has yet been indicated.


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