The first patient to receive a genetically modified pig kidney transplant is released

The first man transplanted with a genetically modified pig kidney was released in Boston, The US made progress this Wednesday, two weeks after the intervention The New York Times.

Richard Slayman, 62, underwent surgery March 16 by surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital It lasted four hours and after discharge he will continue his recovery at home.

According to the doctors The kidney Slayman received “produces urine.”removes waste products from the blood, balances body fluids and performs other key functions.”

A milestone in medicine

The result It is an important milestone for medicine and makes it easier for patients to search for organs, according to a statement from the medical center after the operation. Organ transplant experiments on modified pigs had failed until before Slayman’s intervention. Two patients received hearts but died shortly afterwards.

“This moment – leaving the hospital today with one of the cleanest white sheets I’ve had in a long time – is one.” which I wish would arrive for many years to come. Now it’s a reality and one of the happiest of my life,” Slayman said in a statement.

In the letter, the man also thanked his doctors and the people who accompanied him and were interested in his story. “Particularly, for patients awaiting a kidney transplant. “Today marks a new beginning not only for me but also for them,” he said.

It is still uncertain Whether Slayman’s body will ultimately reject the transplanted organ, and experts say more similar surgeries and clinical trials will need to be conducted for xenotransplantation (transplants between different species) to become widely available.

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