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The Fantastic Four from home Marvel is a project that has been announced for several years now. The takeover of the fox by disney brought the iconic quartet of characters into the mcu. Initially, the feature film was to be directed by Jon Wattsresponsible for the saga Spiderman. Eventually, the director jumped ship to be replaced by Matt Shackmanthe one who headed Wanda Vision. Since then, we have had no news apart from a few indications. Fans were fired up when they witnessed the arrival of John Krasinsky in multiversal variant of Mister Fantastic In Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness. Many thought that the director of the saga Without A Sound would become the new face of the character in Marvel but the latter has confirmed that it would only be a single wink.

Not long ago, Matt Shackman destroyed all possible rumors about the future cast of the film. The names of Penn Badgley (You), Adam Driver (Star Wars) and Ryan Gosling were put forward by different Insiders. Here’s the cast we want to see in this new movie Fantastic Four if we were the film’s casting directors.

Mister Fantastic – Reed Richards
Ryan Gosling
Ghost Rider - Ryan Gosling © Marvel Comics
Ghost Rider – Ryan Gosling © Marvel Comics

Already advanced by various sites or journalists, Ryan Gosling could perfectly endorse the cool and composed stature of the Scientist Reed Richards, in addition to having the physical resemblance. With an arm’s length filmography and several very important films like Drive of Nicolas Winding Refn, La La Land of Damien Chazelle And blade runner 2049 of Denis Villeneuvethe actor acquired a solid notoriety at Hollywood. It wouldn’t be his first attempt at action cinema if he joined Marvel since he recently appeared in the film netflix The Gray Man which is honest and friendly entertainment. His name could easily bring more to the world in theaters than casting a young actor who still has things to prove.

Regé Jean-Page
The Gray Man © Netflix

The star of Bridgerton enjoys significant popularity among young audiences. While many were dubious about her performance and her ability to take on bigger roles, her interesting performance in (him too) Gray Man could open other doors for him. And there is no doubt that he could play an interesting rereading of Reed Richards.

The Invisible Woman – Susan Storm
Anya Taylor Joy
Mad Max: Furiosa © Warner Bros.
Mad Max: Furiosa © Warner Bros.

The young 26-year-old actress already has a CV as long as her arm. Between the duology Split/Glass, the New Mutants, The menu and very soon Mad Max: Furiosa where she will have the leading role, Anya Taylor Joy is now a leading face at Hollywood and see her integrate Marvel could be interesting, all the more so if the staff of the mcu looking for a younger face to embody the heroine Susan Storm.

The Human Torch – Johnny Storm
joseph quinn
Stranger Things © Netflix

If it is necessary to seek on the side of the actors of the world of the series in order to entice the adolescent public, then joseph quinn can stick to the description of Johnny Storm. THE Rocker of Stranger Things has a good head for the job to take the role of comic-relief from the strip after Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan. The 30-year-old comedian has a certain “madness” which would fit well with Johnny Storm and a hypothetical on-screen chemistry with Anya Taylor Joy in a brother-sister relationship might work.

Ben Grimm – The Thing
Karl Urban

The star of The Boys has a build and a charisma that could fit very well with a production like the Fantastic Four. We also find it interesting to make Ben Grimm a figure “paternalistic” of the film where the others Fantastic would be a little younger than him.

Victor Van Doom – Dr Doom
Jason Clarke

The 53-year-old Australian actor is a regular in big Hollywood productions. Also charismatic, seeing him take on a villain role for the first time in Marvel could be an interesting thing. The actor has also joined the cast of Oppenheimer of Christopher Nolan where he will find a certain… Robert Downey Jr..

Fionn Whitehead
Black Mirror: Bandersnatch © Netflix

The young star of Dunkirk (25 years old) could be a credible alternative to the character if Marvel chooses younger actors. His great strength: Being able to play mentally disturbed geniuses, as was the case in the excellent long episode of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

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