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The popular fortune teller and tarot card reader known as the El Brujo Mayor died in Mexico City at the age of 84 after suffering a respiratory arrest, his relatives reported this Friday.

Antonio Vázquez Alba, better known as the El Brujo Mayor, stood out in recent decades in Mexico for his predictions about the lives of characters from the world of entertainment, politics and sports, particularly for those he did every beginning of the year.

The relatives also informed that the body of Vázquez Alba will be cremated this Friday, and on Saturday there will be a kind of tribute in the place that he attended in the colonia (neighborhood) of Santa María la Ribera, in the center of the Mexican capital.

The Mexican astrologer became a popular character for appearing on television a few decades ago and making public his predictions, some of them correct.

in those apparitions he carried out “cleanses” or rituals and designed potions and spells.

He always took advantage of the years of the World Cup to make forecasts about the matches of the Mexican team or the years of presidential elections.

At each beginning of the year he summoned the press, he threw the cards and gave his predictions.

At the beginning of this 2023, he predicted a stable year for the country, in terms of the economy, but an increase in violence, the deterioration in the health of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the continuation of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

He also said that despite the global problems, the world economy is going to be “really balanced” and that Mexico “is going to have a really satisfactory year economically.”

He highlighted the elections in June this year to elect the governors of the Mexican states of Coahuila and the State of Mexico, which the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has never lost.

He pointed out that “Morena (López Obrador’s party) is going to have good results, but many difficulties” and predicted that the State of Mexico “is not going to be Morena because the PRI is going to continue to maintain itself, doing strange things.”

Regarding the possibility of a woman succeeding López Obrador in the Presidency, The tarot reader said that this year the candidate for the 2024 presidency will be defined and he saw the current head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, with more possibilities of achieving the candidacy over Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard and the Secretary of the Interior, Adam Augusto Lopez.

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