Home Sports The difficulty of these players increased after IPL 2023

The difficulty of these players increased after IPL 2023

The difficulty of these players increased after IPL 2023

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Harshal Patel

Indian IPL Team 20023: IPL is considered as the way of entry in Team India. Although many times this also closes the way for IPL players. If there is no good performance in IPL then it becomes very difficult for Indian cricket team to play. Although many young and old players have played well in the IPL, there are some players who have played for the Indian team recently and this year their performance has not been as expected. . Let’s try to know about them.

Orange Cap sole winner Harshal Patel’s performance in IPL was nothing special

First of all let’s talk about RCB fast bowler Harshal Patel who played for India team for a long time. But lately his performance has not been like that and that is the reason why he is out of the Indian team. It was expected that he would see the same fire while he was playing for RCB in IPL, but it couldn’t happen. Harshal Patel has played 13 matches for his team this year and only has 14 wickets to his name. He is at number 16 on the list of bowlers who take the most wickets. He has played 25 T20 matches for Team India so far and has taken 29 wickets. In January this year, he played the last T20 match for the Indian team against Sri Lanka. From the kind of performance he’s had in the IPL, it doesn’t look like he’ll be seen wearing the Indian team jersey again anytime soon.

It will be difficult for Rahul Tripathi to return to the Indian national team

Now let’s talk about Rahul Tripathi. This time he was also playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad. The team also gave him the opportunity to play 13 of 14 games. But not a single great tackle came out of his bat. He was able to score just 273 runs, which included a half century. He was selected for the Indian team only after showing good game in IPL. This time he ranks 37th on the list of hitters who have scored the most runs. While playing for the Indian team, he scored 97 runs in five matches. He played his last game against Sri Lanka in January this year, but it seems difficult for him to return to the Indian team. Especially when Rinku Singh has made a strong claim for the middle order with a strong performance.

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