Home Sports Tebas responds forcefully to Vinicius and the Brazilian answers him

Tebas responds forcefully to Vinicius and the Brazilian answers him

Tebas responds forcefully to Vinicius and the Brazilian answers him

Xavier Thebes, president of La Liga, He did not remain silent in the face of Vinicius’s accusations about the inaction of the entity due to the racist insults he receives and responded to the Brazilian player in two tweets that he published on his social networks: “Since those who should not explain to you what LaLiga is and what it can do in cases of racism, We have tried to explain it to you, but you have not shown up for either of the two agreed dates that you requested. Before criticizing and insulting LaLiga, it is necessary that you inform yourself properly Vinicius ”, wrote the maximum leader of the League. To add later. “Don’t let yourself be manipulated and make sure you understand each other’s competencies well. and the work we have been doing together”.

Vinicius had criticized LaLiga and Spanish football after what happened in the Real Madrid match against Valencia at Mestalla, where he was the victim of racist insults. “The prize that the racists have won was my expulsion. It’s not football, it’s LaLiga”, exposed the Brazilian in his social networks. “It was not the first time, nor the second, nor the third. Racism is normal in LaLiga. The competition believes that it is normal, the Federation also and the opponents encourage it ”, concluded.

Vinicius answers Thebes and accuses him of attacking him

“Once again, instead of criticizing racists, the president of LaLiga appears on social media to attack me. As much as you talk and pretend not to read, the image of your championship shakes. Look at the responses to your posts and get a surprise… Skipping it only makes you equal to racists. I’m not your friend to talk about racism. I want actions and punishments. The hashtag doesn’t move me,” the Brazilian wrote on Twitter.

New response from Thebes to Vinicius: “Neither Spain nor LaLiga are racist”

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, answered Vinicius again this Monday morning through social networks. The top president wanted to deny Vinicius’ accusations of racism towards Spain and LaLiga. “Neither Spain nor LaLiga are racist. It’s very unfair to say that. From LaLiga we denounce and persecute racism with all the harshness within our powers. This season racist insults have been reported 9 times (8 of them have been for insults against Vinicius). We always identify the madmen and file the complaint with the sanctioning bodies. It doesn’t matter how few they are, we are always relentless. We cannot allow the image of a competition that is above all a symbol of union between peoples to be tarnished, where more than 200 black players in 42 clubs receive the respect and affection of all the fans every day, Racism being an extremely specific case (9 complaints) that we are going to eradicate,” he wrote on Twitter, retweeting Vinicius’ previous tweet.

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