The decade from the 70s to the 80s when Hema Malini was one of the busiest actresses in Bollywood. Meanwhile, he married Heman Dharmendra from Bollywood. The actress was very happy, but do you know that Hema Malini received a big punishment from actor Manoj Kumar the day after the marriage?

Actually, this is the year 1989 when the blockbuster movie ‘Kranti’ was being filmed. It was a multi-star film, for which Manoj Kumar had staked all his wealth. Hema Malini was also shooting her second movie Razia Sultan in those days. But the day after the wedding, Hema Malini came to the Kranti sets and said that today’s shooting should finish soon because she also has to go shoot another movie.

Manoj Kumar didn’t like this about Hema at all. Not only this, Manoj Kumar kept Hema sitting on the set without working for the whole day. Hema got angry and went back to her house. Actually, Hema Malini was giving more importance to the film ‘Razia Sultan’, she felt that the film would be a success. But when both movies were released, Razia Sultan turned out to be a flop and Kranti Movie turned out to be a smash hit.

We report that when Kamal Amrohi, director of ‘Razia Sultan’ heard about this, he also called Manoj Kumar. In such a situation, Manoj Kumar told Amrohi that Hema should have asked my permission to make another film. Although I was not told that she is filming for another movie other than ‘Kranti’. However, there is a more famous story behind it. It is said that Hema Malini did not want to wear a white sari on the set because she was married and wanted to shoot this scene at some point. About which Manoj Kumar got angry.



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