The craziest theories about the supposed meaning of the name Blink-182

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The origin of the name Blink-182 is one of music’s great mysteries and these crazy theories prove it.

For years, There are great mysteries in the world to which there are still no answers.. For example, we have the so-called “Bermuda Triangle”, the mystery of who shot JFK and also, the true origin of the name Blink-182.

With albums like “Enema of the State” (1999), Blink-182 became one of the most influential punk groups that shaped the sound of this music genre in the late 90s and early 2000s.where they also proved that music and a biting sense of humor don’t have to be alien to each other.

The craziest theories about the supposed meaning of the name Blink-182
Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker from Blink-182. Photo: Getty Images

After a breakup, a subsequent reunion, and Tom DeLonge’s return to the original lineup – which gave us a show at Coachella in 2023 -, that is clear to us Blink-182 is one of the audience’s favorite bands. Especially in Latin America, where we have been waiting for you for years.

For three decades Blink-182 fans around the world have stories behind songs like “Adam’s Songs” how the band was formed in California and even other relevant topics like how they managed to collaborate with artists like Robert Smith of The Cure.

But where does the strange and well-known name come from?

And although there is a precise answer to all of these questions, which we find in interviews with Mark Hoppus and those involved, Things get complicated when it comes to the story behind the name Blink-182. Well, after many years there is no real reaction from the band members.

On the other hand, Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Tom DeLonge have tried so hard to ironically answer the origin behind the name Blink-182that there are countless theories on the Internet about its meaning or the reason why it was ultimately named that way.

The craziest theories about the supposed meaning of the name Blink-182
Today we’re talking about the craziest theories behind the name Blink-182. Photo: Getty Images

The rumor is well known among fans The number 182 came to Mark Hoppus’s mind, Co-founder of the band, who imagined the dream weight he wanted to have at the time (pounds and kilos become 82 kilograms).

The craziest theories about the supposed meaning of the name Blink-182
Mark Hoppus from Blink-182 in Brazil. Photo: Getty Images

In another interview, Mark assured that the 182 was in the name of the Californian company It was because Tony Montana’s character (Al Pacino) in “Scarface” says the word “fuck” so of Hoppus’ favorite films.

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As a film buff, it was noted that the word “fuck” is heard 226 times during the plot of “Scarface.”

The craziest theories about the alleged meaning of the name Blink-182
Supposedly the band’s 182 comes from the movie “Scarface”. Photo: Special

A nod to his old school

Another interesting theory behind the name Blink-182 is this 182 represented letters number 18 and 2 of the alphabet (18=R, 2=B) Those were the initials of the high school Tom DeLonge attended, Rancho Bernardo.

This theory makes us understand that Blink-182 was born as a reference to this team The musician didn’t particularly like that, but it hasn’t been confirmed either.

The craziest theories about the supposed meaning of the name Blink-182
Others say it has to do with Tom DeLonge’s love of aliens. Photo: Getty Images

We know that Tom DeLonge is a fan of the UFO phenomenon, and one of the theories behind the name is this 182 are the days between January 1st and July 2nd of each year. So what? Well, July 2nd is World UFO Day.

This date is when The alien incident in Roswell, New Mexico is remembered. and many claim that 182 was a way by which Tom DeLonge, with the help of the US government, could further an alien agenda without arousing suspicion.

The craziest theories about the supposed meaning of the name Blink-182
And it is connected to the “Roswell incident”. Photo: Getty Images

Change your name to avoid a lawsuit

The American band started in the world of music under the name “Blink”. They had to add the number “182” after being tipped off by an Irish band of the same name. You could file a lawsuit.

This is more than a theory, it’s the most realistic explanation we could have for the origin of the name Blink-182. And in the book “Blink-182: Stories under your mother”, written by Anne Hoppus (Mark’s sister), talks about how Mark played with the answers behind this big fan question.

The craziest theories about the supposed meaning of the name Blink-182
Mark’s sister wrote several memoirs about the group in this book. Photo: Special

But it is also pointed out there The number 182 appeared in a chance phone call the band had with their record label. In short, there was no background beyond seeking ID to avoid a court battle over copyright provisions.

I’m already looking into the topic, In 2024, Blink-182 will finally return to our country and with all the hype already rife on the internet (both for their show at Tecate Pal’ Norte and the four concerts at Palacio de los Deportes), we’re sure the band will have something to talk about these days. Who will we see there?

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