Two weeks ago Madrid began preparations for the Longines Global Champions Tour, the fourth stop of the year on the World Circuit, and which is the star event that includes the edition CXI International Jumping Tournament at the Madrid Country Club.

In the third stop, the one in Mexico this past weekend, the winner has been the Irish jockey Darragh Kenny, who has competed with his Olympic horse Cartello, with which he debuted last year in Madrid, and with which he won third place. At the moment, the presence of the Irishman is not confirmed in Madrid where 250 horses and at least 130 riders are expected again.

In the Country Club, in the three days of competition, from May 13 to 15, 15 tests will be scheduled in this 111 edition of the jumping contest, and as in recent years the Global Champions Tour, rated with five stars (jumps up to 1.60 meters), will distribute a third of the loot in prizes: 300,000 euros with some of the best riders and amazons in the world in contention.


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