The Black Phonethe new horrific production from the studios Blumhouse, hit theaters this week. Realized by Scott Derricksonthe feature film tells the story of Finney Shaw, kidnapped by a serial killer, who will benefit from the help of the former victims of the killer in order to try to escape. Produced for a minimal budget of $16 million, the film should easily break even. If the first French critics point to an excellent horror film, the American critics also tend towards it.

With 86% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and an audience score of 89%, the movie has enough reviews to get a certified new stamp, and that’s enough to make it unlikely there will be a huge change in its overall rating in the future. The screenplay of the film is Scott Derrickson & C.Robert Cargill (Doctor Strange, Sinister 1 and 2)based on the award-winning short story by Joe Hill taken from his best-selling New York Times 20th Century Ghosts. The film is produced by Scott Derrickson and Jason Blumunder a distribution ofUniversal and Blumhouse. Here is the consensus of critics available on the media Rotten Tomatoes :

“The Black Phone could have been even scarier, but it’s still an entertaining and well-acted adaptation of creepy source material. »


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