The Argentine government denied that it wanted to close universities

The spokesman for the Argentine government, Manuel Adorni, assured this Wednesday that President Javier Milei’s plans in no way envisage the closure of public universities and he took the opportunity to praise the Argentine executive as “the greatest defender of public education”. describe. “

“Public universities will not be closed. They are not on any of our agendas and never will be. We are among the greatest champions of public education, and that must be clear,” the presidential spokesman said during his usual speech at the conference. Press from the Casa Rosada.

These comments from Adorni come after hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires the day before in support of the public university and against the ultra-liberal Milei government’s lack of funding for these centers.

In this context, Adorni criticized that “certain personalities” who promoted the demonstration falsely claimed that the executive branch intended to close public education centers. “Let us make it clear a thousand times that we will defend education in general and public education in particular like no other,” he said.

“We must also understand that on the path we are taking, only high-quality public education is sustainable: the balance sheets and audits that we consider appropriate to understand a little about which resources are used and which are not, “Adorni added.

Despite everything, the presidential spokesman expressed the respect of the executive to all the demonstrators the day before and even expressed the “congratulations” of the Casa Rosada that the day had passed “in peace, without violence and without any kind of public unrest that was about that goes beyond what is typical for a mobilization of this number of people.”

The demonstration in Buenos Aires was attended by opposition political parties, trade unions and social organizations, including leaders and high-ranking officials, and ended in the Plaza de Mayo in front of the Casa Rosada, the seat of the government. While the police put the number of visitors at 150,000, the organizers spoke of more than half a million people.

With these demonstrations, a part of the Argentine population seeks to protest against the lack of funding for public education by the government of President Milei, who on previous occasions assured that public universities “indoctrinate” and even questioned the transparency of the accounts of these institutions.

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