Enlisting in the Navy without knowing how to swim: The British Royal Navy forgoes the swimming test in order to be accepted into the corps

The Royal Navythe British Royal Navy, which for so many years was the first maritime military power in the worldhas taken “Desperate measures” faced with a sharp decline in admission applications: It will no longer be necessary to know how to swim to access it.

What does it mean to be a Royal Navy recruit?

The recruits of the Royal Navy It is individuals who join in Royal Navy of the United Kingdom to receive training and serve in various roles within the organization.

They can join and undergo training as officers or as ordinary sailors strict training program that includes physical, technical and tactical aspects to prepare them for their specific roles in the Navy.

Recruits can specialize including in areas such as navigation, engineering, communications or logistics, depending on your needs Interests and skills.

Recruitment crisis

As SkyNews reported this Friday, the Royal Navy would have done so removed from your requirements Recruitment strategies that were known to applicants to swimat least a fact noticeabletaking into account the amount of Operations at sea.

An anonymous Royal Navy source consulted by this English newspaper would have described it “desperate relaxation” of standards This decision by the Navy as it would be going through a moment of crisis Recruitment crisis. The 30-minute swimming entry test so would stay deleted.

However a Navy spokesmanand would have defended himself by claiming that from now on swimming skills would no longer be required when recruiting in the same way Soldiers have to learn to swimas it represents an essential part that they receive in education as soon as they are recorded.

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With this measure the Royal Navy would intend to do the following don’t be discouraged It’s worth recruiting people as they no longer have to learn to swim on their own before joining the troop.

Pressure to improve the numbers

SkyNews pointed this out the defense minister It would have been Grant Shapps experience strong pressure for increase the number of new hires after a big decline last year.

Shapps explained this back in February of this year the number of new hires experienced one increase and they would even give that highest values ​​in the last eight years.

However, the internal source consulted questioned this and admitted that this was the case internal concerns refer to Lowering standards From income. Furthermore, he pointed out that it was an outrage that the plaintiffs could do this “Declare to yourself” that you can swim.

Internal criticism

While it is true that soldiers who cannot swim would later learn to do so once they are in the Navy, in case you fail the swimming test, would stay in the “Phase 1” of basic training until they acquire this knowledge.

That’s what that would mean They would already be on the payrollsomething the anonymous source criticized for being so “Funded by taxpayers” and why should it be like that? the numbers would increase Recruitment, however the times until they become members of the Royal Navy “Deployable sailors” would increase.

In addition to possibly having to do it Hire more swimming instructorsas the source told SkyNews.

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