The sports management of Elche has already begun to move with more intensity in the winter market

The coaching staff of Elche CF has already communicated to the sports and general management of the club, the list of signings they need for this first market of the year. Between the long order, it is urgent to contract 2 sides and a midfielder. In the case of the lanes, Francisco already has two specific names that would arrive in the coming days.

One of them will arrive illicit institution through a barter, in which Jose Ma it’s included. The Murcian defender has decided to step aside since his little participation in the starting eleven would have overwhelmed his patience. The other side would come from the Castile, where Florentino Pérez has given the go-ahead for the operation. In the case of the midfielder, there is still no specific name.

Elche transfers
Lucas Olaza would arrive at Martínez Valero in a barter with Josema.

The two signings that would reach the left wing of Elche

The two hirings that Francisco has requested are very close to materializing. The one that is most advanced is the exchange between Josema and Lucas Olaza. The team from Elche has closed the agreement with Valladolid, and the Uruguayan will return to the first division aboard the Franjiverde team.

For that same band, the Madrid youth squad would also be very close to arriving and Ancelotti was sung. We are talking about Miguel Gutiérrez, who had been part of the Italian coach’s departure, but has been returned to the club’s inferiors. The president of the white entity, has given the ok since that means that his player will have experience in LaLiga Santander.

The doubt between the first signings of Elche

The signing of which nothing is known yet or does not have a specific name, is that of the midfield. Francisco works hand in hand with his coaching staff to determine who could reach the plot that connects the midfield and the attack line. Although the work of Mascarell and Gumbau has been outstanding, the Almería coach believes that there is still a lack of tools in that area.

Although the name of the signing is not known, if the one of the discard is in that position and the one that would give way to said hiring. His arrival took place just a few months and the player is already on his way out. We are talking about the Argentine Javier Pastore, who in the 527 minutes he has played, has not been able to convince anyone. The gaucho arrived for free and it seems that he will leave in the same way.


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