Tesla Model S / X 2021: the first deliveries in France are postponed until the end of 2022

The Tesla Model S / X 2021 editions are lagging behind. At the time of the announcement, the automobile firm had undertaken to ensure the first deliveries in September 2021 in France. Now, Tesla expects more of a market release at the end of next year. As is the case with the Model Y, the manufacturer has been a little too optimistic.

Credit: Tesla

In January 2021, Tesla lifted the veil on a new generation of Model S and Model X. The two new electric cars signed Elon Musk stand out in particular thanks to a new screen dedicated to entertainment on the dashboard.

During the announcement, the automotive firm pledged to deliver the first electric cars to the French market in during the month of September 2021. The American giant failed to honor its promises on time. Individuals who have pre-ordered their Model S or Model X 2021 Edition have not yet received their vehicle.

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One year late for the Tesla Model S / X 2021 in France

On its official website, Tesla France now announces that the first deliveries of Tesla Model S / X 2021 will take place at the end of 2022. “Planned delivery: End of 2022”, announces the website. A similar warning appeared on Tesla sites in several other European countries, including Belgium. All versions are affected.

While the launch is postponed for a year in Europe, the first models are gradually arrived on the roads of the United States. It is not known why Tesla was forced to postpone the date of the first deliveries. We imagine that the car manufacturer has encountered production difficulties, in particular because of the shortage of computer chips which paralyzes the entire industry.

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It is not uncommon for Tesla to postpone deliveries of its new cars, sometimes repeatedly. Recently, the automobile company has also fallen behind in the production of the Tesla Model Y, a new electric SUV. Expected in France at the end of 2021, the Model Y will be desired until April 2022.

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