Superman: Legacy – Henry Cavill’s replacement becomes clearer

The film Superman: Legacy of james gunn brings out a new actor in the running to embody the most emblematic hero of DC Comics. With the advent of a new universe DC, several characters, including the man of steel, will be rebooted. Superman: Legacyslated for production in 2024, is currently looking for its main hero, as well as several other characters.

While no actor has yet been chosen, a newcomer has just joined the list of candidates for the casting of Superman: Legacy. According variety, Pierson Fode, who notably starred in Love, Glory and Beauty, would be in the running to play the DC icon. According to Variety, the actor submitted a personal tape that “shows his childhood very close to Clark Kent’s on a farm in the small town of Moses Lake, Wash.” While james gunn and DC studios has yet to comment on the info, Variety says the filmmaker liked what he saw from Pierson Fode.

Man Of Steel © Warner Bros.

Man Of Steel © Warner Bros.

Although the actor is one of the main candidates of DC Studiosthere are other potential actors for the role of clark kent In Superman: Legacy. Almost a month ago, David Corenswet was considered one of the main candidates. This one has long been proposed by some to embody the next Superman on the big screen via fanmade trailers or many artworks.

Andrew Richardson And Tom Brittney would also have been considered, they were “in the front row”. Two other actors would also have been part of the list of potential actors of DC Studios for the role of the Man of Steel. While Nicholas Hoult was first auditioned for Lex Luthor, another report leaked afterwards claiming he was a favorite for Superman as well.

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