Spider-Man 4: The long-awaited sequel is taking shape!

Thomas Haden Churchwho played the role Sandman In ” Spider Man 3 ” from Sam Raimi In 2007gave fans hope for a possible continuation of the franchise Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire. In a recent interview with ComicBook.com, Church expressed his excitement about reprising his role and shared rumors about it Sam Raimi And Tobey Maguire could work together again to “ Spider Man 4“. Accordingly ChurchA sequel was considered, which ultimately never saw the light of day, but the actor remains open and eager to be involved in a future production.

“Sandman… there were rumors that they might ask me to do another one Spider-Man , and so would I,” Church said. “You know, they never asked me to appear in another film, another Marvel film, but I think Sam (Raimi) will do another one Spider-Man with Tobey (Maguire). They had an option for me Spider Man 4 , they gave me the option to come back. If that happens, it would be fantastic, even though I’m a bit old. »

The possibility of one Spider Man 4 ” leaded by Sam Raimi with Tobey Maguire Reprising his iconic role as Peter Parker is generating a lot of interest, particularly due to fans’ nostalgia for the original trilogy and the recent success of ” Spider-Man: No Way Home“, which brought together the three actors who played Spider-Man on the screen. Kevin Figthe boss of Marvel Studiospreviously stated in an interview with Weekly entertainment In 2023 that from ” big ideas » were developed for the future Spider-Manespecially thanks to the positive reception of the meeting of the previous actors Spider-Man and the franchise’s untapped potential Raimi. Cowardly Don’t close the door on this continuity to revive a universe in distress. The multiverse would actually allow these adventures to be connected in a logical way. In addition to this fourth work, a third Amazing Spider-Man Stamp Marc Webb with Andrew Garfield is also in the pipeline.

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Although an official announcement of a “ Spider Man 4 ” with Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire hasn’t been made yet, the comments from Thomas Haden Church and from Kevin Fig fueling fans’ hopes for a return to the cinematic universe that many hold. The excitement and anticipation of a possible “ Spider Man 4 » gain intensity. Thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home for that.

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