Sony is preparing the new PS5 Pro console for Christmas with 45% more rendering speed and 8K

Sony plans to launch its new PlayStation 5 Pro console this Christmasa platform that can offer the following up to 8K resolution in “Performance Mode” and with a 45% faster rendering speed than the PS5.

The company launched the first update of the PlayStation 5 console back in November 2023. On the one hand, the option with a reader, a device that maintains the technological characteristics of the PS5 but has a design and form factor that reduce its volume by 30 percent and its weight by 18 percent.

On the other hand, the PS5 Digital Edition option, a model with a weight reduced by 24 percent compared to the previous models and to which an Ultra HD Blu-ray disk drive can be added externally.

Now, Sony is working on launching a new console, PlayStation 5 Prowhich will be made available to users at Christmas 2024. This was confirmed by popular video game leaker, Tom Hendersonby “Inside Gaming”, who has assured that the information shared through the YouTube channel “Moore’s Law is Dead” is real data obtained from documentation sent to external PlayStation developers.

Specifically, the new PS5 Pro will have a frame rate per second (FPS). enhanced with 4K quality as well as a “performance mode” that can boost the quality up to 8K. This new model’s GPU delivers 45% faster playback than the standard PS5. This is due, among other things, to the fact that it has a performance of 33.5 teraflops.

It will also feature PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution upscaling technology. Aside from that, This console will have a personalized machine learning architecture to improve the image and an artificial intelligence accelerator (IA), which will support 67 teraflops of 16-bit floating point performance.

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In terms of ray tracing technology, Henderson says the PS5 Pro will achieve three times higher performance and will even be able to achieve x4 ray tracing “in some cases.”

On the other hand, the leaker expanded on this in a new publication The CPU will be the same as the one currently used on the standard PS5. However, there will be a high frequency mode that can increase performance by 10%.

Likewise the PS5 Pro It will also have a removable storage drive Similar to the PS5 Digital Edition version of the standard console and 1TB of storage.

Speaking of which System memory will also feature improvements compared to the standard PS5 with a 28% performance increase to 576GB/s (compared to 448GB/s for the PS5). With this in mind, Henderson has hinted at a launch of the new PS5 Pro console at Christmas this 2024, although he clarifies that it is a date that is subject to change according to Sony’s plans.

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