Someone should learn to be stubborn from Sylvester Stallone kept crying but kept fighting.

Be it Rambo, who enters different countries around the world and saves sixes from the enemies, the captain of the Expendables team, another name for destruction, and Rocky Balboa, who can defeat his opponent in the ring with just one punch. All these characters live among their fans. They take action. They fall, get up and stumble, but they don’t shy away from fighting. There are many worries in their lives (of course these worries only existed in the films), but they are not afraid of fights. They get up and fight again and again. The name of the Hollywood superstar who played all these characters is Sylvester Stallone. The film characters he plays correspond to his real life. So today’s story teaches us that if you don’t believe in yourself, your life will not change.

Sylvester Stallone had been carrying a mountain of problems since he was a child. When he was born, the lower part of his face was paralyzed. This effect is still visible in the lower part of his face. He suffered more from this natural problem when children teased him. The result was that Sylvester became argumentative and irritable. Which began to affect his personal life. As much as one person’s irritability is disruptive to the other person, it is also disruptive to the person behaving that way. The life of the person who suffered all this did not suddenly change. The process of suffering and unrest had just begun.

Monday Motivation: You should learn to be stubborn from Sylvester Stallone, cried and fought, but didn't give up on career and love.

The story of Sylvester Stallone’s transformation from zero to hero is a long one, but let’s talk about his time, where his Rambo-like never-say-die spirit is clearly visible. In fact, he was so miserable that he had to steal and sell his wife’s jewelry. He became homeless and had to sleep in bus stops in New York for three days. What could be worse than someone having to sell their dog to a stranger for a few rupees because they don’t have the money to feed it? Stallone’s worst time may have been when he sold his dog to a stranger for just $25. He himself said that he came back from there crying afterwards.

Something that supports you even in bad times is called courage and the habit of not giving up. In fact, two weeks after selling the dog, he had gone to watch the boxing match of then-famous boxers Mohammad Ali and Chuck Wepner. As he watched the game, he got the idea why Hollywood got “Rocky.” He started writing the script and worked on it for 20 hours.

With this script, Sylvester Stallone began moving from one studio to another. “Began wandering” because his condition was that he would give this script to the same studio that would give him the role of the hero, i.e. Rocky, in the film that would be made on this story. The studio refused to give work to a paralyzed and unknown face. Even his “language” and “look” were mocked. It was said that he looked “weird.”

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However, he was offered to buy this script for $1,000,000. When Sylvester refused, he was offered $200,000 for this script. When Sylvester again rejected this offer, he was told that he would get the studio in exchange for 30,000 rupees and 50,000 scripts. But Sylvester insisted that he would become a hero regardless of whether the script sold or not.

The studio liked the script so much that, after getting tired of it, they made Sylvester the hero and made the movie Rocky based on his script. However, financially this decision could be called wrong for some time, since Sylvester was paid only $35,000 for this role. But the truth is that it was thanks to his stubbornness that he was able to become a Hollywood superstar and become so strong financially, socially and mentally. Released in 1976, this film received Oscars in many different categories that year and Sylvester also received a nomination for Best Actor at the Academy Awards. Additionally, the film was inducted into the American National Film Registry as one of the greatest films of all time.

Monday Motivation: You should learn to be stubborn from Sylvester Stallone, cried and fought, but didn't give up on career and love.

Now things get a little more interesting. Sylvester Stallone sold the dog he loved so much to a liquor store for just $25 so he wouldn’t go hungry. After getting $35,000, he picked it up and kept it in the same place every day for three days. Would go and stay where they sold it.

Finally, on the third day, the man was seen coming with his dog. Sylvester told the man about his compulsion and demanded that he give him the dog back. To that end, Sylvester offered $100 for his beloved pet, which sold for $25. But when the person in front of him didn’t agree, he increased the amount and offered $500 and $1000, but he didn’t budge. He kept refusing. It’s a strange combination of love and stubbornness that in order to get his dog, Sylvester gave $15,000 out of the $35,000 he made to this person and brought his dog back.

Sylvester’s story is full of problems. We haven’t discussed them all because we don’t want you to get caught up in the story without knowing too much. We just want to draw your attention to the fact that “stubbornness” can also have a positive meaning. This will help you achieve your goal.

If we understand the essence of the story, it is that even the worst times can turn out good. All you need is not to give up. There is a need not to give in and to keep fighting. Because you are the Rambo and Rocky of your life who has to fight the problems in life and solve the problems that arise.

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