Smile 2: The film gets an interesting update from its new lead actor

The first smile from Parker Finn (2022) received excellent reviews for the way he stages a true horror rollercoaster ride with nightmarish images that stay with you after watching (Hello entity). The feature film was a real financial hit worldwide Worldwide sales of $217 million. It was therefore expected that with the return of the policeman, a second film could see the light of day Joel (Kyle Gallner) newly infected by the demonic creature when he sees it Pink (Doppelganger Bacon) set himself on fire. Especially since the filmmaker also signed a lucrative financial agreement with Paramount that gave him control of the company’s horror productions.

Naomi ScottRosemarie DeWitt, Raúl Castillo and Miles Gutierrez-Riley will notably join the casting of Smile 2 with Lucas Gagewhich will appear in Street house next to Jake Gyllenhaal. However, apart from this little information, no other information was revealed. The actor just confirmed this during an interview Screen rantEnd of filming:

I just let myself get carried away. We landed in upstate New York. It’s going to be really good. I can’t wait for everyone to see this. It feels like this is the year to make a lot of sequels. The following year. I hope you like. Parker Finn, the director, it was crazy how knowledgeable he is about these types of films and how he managed to recreate them and remake them. It was such a cool formula to follow. How could no one think of giving that creepy smile? My smiling face is so good.

Many other fans of the first film have been wondering about the Doctor’s comeback Desai (Cal Penn) in the franchise as a doctor who was close to him Pink. Here’s what he said in late January:

As far as I know, I’m not in the sequel. But of course I would say “yes” if they called. This movie was great. I believe the original title was There’s Something Wrong with Rose and it was a low budget horror film. I thought the script was great, and since I’m from New Jersey, we shot mostly in New Jersey, so it looked really cool. And I like horror. And then when it exploded, I was so excited and so happy, obviously for the cast and Sosie and the director, but just the idea that horror fans were like, “Okay, this is the movie we made.” I didn’t even think that we were going to the theater and then it happened. That’s why as a fan I’m already looking forward to the second part.

Parker Finn promised him a continuation of the intrigue surrounding the character of Joelwhile trying to explore something different and de facto avoid repeats of the first opus.

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