Singer Nicole Horts releases her new album “Nica”

After three years of work, Nicole Horts finally releases her new album entitled “Nica’ He April 24th.

This new production is a Tarot-inspired explosion of sounds and emotions that also reflect Mexico, the country where the artist lives.

“I want to show the diversity that exists in Mexico,” Nicole told us in an interview with playground.

Several songs on this album are inspired by Mexican melodies and sounds, from the roar of the sweet potato cart to a reinterpretation of the cardenche song.

“They always put us in the categories of ranchero, regional or corridos tumbados, and that’s unbelievable!” But Mexico is also all of those… I want to show my street,” he said.

Nicole was very aware of the Mexican culture that surrounds her when creating this album. Although many of her musical inspirations come from English, she is a Mexican who is proud of her roots and wanted to make sure she made that statement on the album.

“Mexa culture, but this Mexa culture that is not always offered to you. There are very deep things, there is a lot of diversity,” he emphasized.

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And yes, there is depth. In addition to each song being inspired by a tarot card and its meaning, this album takes you on a journey through different emotions with lyrics and melodies that represent her journey as an artist.

On this journey, Nicole Horts had to face the obstacle of the music industry, to which she dedicated her song “D15BLO”.

“I explored different areas of art and it was always like, ‘Your physique or your voice is very specific, so you don’t fit the character’… I always tried to be as honest as possible.” And I said, ” Well, I’ll do it whatever I feel without thinking about selling,'” he said.

For her, making music is about continually knowing and finding yourself, and that’s why she believes this new album succeeds in capturing that.

“From my first EP to this one, it’s something that still has my essence, in the end I do it.” But there are more and more musical references and you know where you want to go. It’s like a very tough self-discovery process. And it’s definitely very cathartic.”

Nicole Horts’ new album is now available on all digital platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. We invite you to listen to it and support the new Mexican talent.

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