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Simeone recovers men

Simeone recovers men

Simeone recovers troops. The Argentine coach, who has faced the last few games, seeing how the men’s infirmary was filling up, saw in the training session this morning as two returned to the group: Stefan Savic and Álvaro Morata. The center back and forward worked at the same pace as the rest and will be available to the coach facing the match that will face the rojiblancos with the Real Sociedad on Sunday, the penultimate of this League 22-23 and with an important challenge.

Because Atlético has already reached the minimum goal set at the start of the seasonthe mathematical classification for the next Champions League, but the place has not yet been closed, from second to fourth, and being third or fourth is not trivial. At stake, participation in the Spanish Super Cup. And face the rival with whom you play it: the Real Sociedad de Imanol that embraces it in a virtual way, although not yet mathematically, and that will travel to the Metropolitan five points from those of Cholo. In Anoeta, in the first round, the result was 1-1. A victory of the txuri-urdin They could be problems for the rojiblancos.

Lemar, with Pitillas, soft and on the sidelines

Savic returns six games later of suffering “a fracture in the proximal phalanx of the fifth toe of one foot” in the League match between Atlético and Barcelona at the Camp Nou, on April 23, to reinforce a defense indicated after Espanyol equalized a 0-3 start for the rojiblancos in Cornellà on Wednesday in which Witsel, who is not a central defender, his natural position is in midfield, a pivot, the seams were too visible. Or, simply, the 34 years that he is, those that seem to have plummeted on his body in recent months. morataMeanwhile, he returns after the cervical sprain caused by David García at Atlético-Osasuna on Sunday, May 21, when he was run over from behind in a play close to halftime. Only one game has been lost, that precisely against Espanyol during the weekday.

Five rojiblancos are still in the infirmaryin a season finale for Atlético in which injuries have sprouted again like spring flowers: Llorente, Oblak, Memphis, Reinildo and Lemar. But there is an asterisk in the last one since, withdrawn due to a muscle problem at Elche-Atlético on May 14, he appeared from the gym and worked on the soft grass, accompanied by the recuperator Óscar Pitillas and on the sidelines of the group, but already on the grass.

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