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Pant and Kishan are better than Sanju…, Samson took a bad beating

Pant and Kishan are better than Sanju..., Samson took a bad beating

Image source: TWITTER, PTI
Ishaan Kishan, Rishabh Pant and Sanju Samson

There is often a debate about the selection of Sanju Samson in the India squad. While one camp continues to support him, there is another camp that says there is no consistency in his performance. Such a statement has now come to light from one of his teammates who has played with him as well as being from his state and has always supported him. But now something happened that this guy also scolded Samson. In fact, in IPL 2023, the way Sanju Samson started with the bat and his team did not continue until the end. This was the reason why his team won 7 out of 14 games and finished fifth and couldn’t even make the playoffs.

Sanju Samson, who made his team runners-up last season, hasn’t had a special performance with the bat this year. He scored just 362 runs in 14 matches that included three half centuries. This was one of the main reasons for the disintegration of his team. On this, when Sunil Gavaskar advised him to stop and play, he disagreed. After a match, he also said that this is his style and that he will play like this. On this ex-partner of him S. Sreesanth has scolded Sanju a lot. He even claimed that Ishaan Kishan and Rishabh Pant are better than him even today.

Image source: PTI
Sanju Samson’s bat failed to run fiercely in IPL 2023

Sreesanth scolds Sanju

Sanju Samson looked upset as Sreesanth spoke on Star Sports. He said I support Sanju because he played under my U-14 captaincy. Whenever I saw him as a cricketer in the last 4-5 years, I always asked him to perform well and provide stability in first class cricket instead of IPL. This is the reason why Ishaan Kishan and Rishabh Pant were ahead of him and still are. The way Sanju came out in 2-3 matches in this IPL was not quite right.

Image source: IPL, TWITTER
Sanju didn’t listen to Gavaskar’s advice.

Sreesanth got angry about this

Sreesanth further said that, Mr. Gavaskar (Sunil Gavaskar) had told him that he should be given at least 10 balls to be ready. You have to read the wicket, so you have that talent that even if you score 0 runs in 12 balls, you can turn it into 50 runs in 25 balls. But Sanju said after Rajasthan’s defeat in a game in the final phase of the league phase that no, this is my style of play and I like it. I can’t digest this at all. Sanju will have to take maximum opportunities and improve by changing his mentality.

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