Shriya Lenka, 18, from Odisha, has brought laurels to the country. Making a splash in the entertainment world, Shriya Lenka achieved the record of becoming the first K-Pop star. Having an interest in Korean pop, Shriya has shown her talent on a grand scale and has recorded this special achievement on her behalf. Not only this, Shriya Lenka has also joined the famous new group Blackswan of K-pop stars. Due to this success of Shriya Lenka, her praise for her is read everywhere.

Shriya Lenka from Raur Kela has been very interested in Korean music and dance since childhood. Ella Shriya Lenka has mastered classical, hip-hop, contemporary and freestyle dance since the age of 12. It is said that she turned to the Exo’c Growl MV and tried to learn a lot from it. In which she Shriya was also successful. But the year 2020 turned out to be the turning point in Shriya Lenka’s life. During the Corona period, she practiced a lot by watching YouTube videos at home. During this, in addition to learning Korean online, Ella Shriya also embraced the culture there. After this, Shriya Lenka auditioned on YouTube to join the group Blackswan and later her name was selected as one of the 4 thousand participants.

In fact, in the year 2020, Hyeme, a former member of the pop star band Blackswon, said goodbye to this group. After that, Blackswan’s promoter DR Music continued to search for talent from different parts of the world and started auditioning globally. In all this online process, Shriya Lenka Blackswan liked it very much and became a part of this famous group of bands. In addition to Shriya Lenka, Brazilian Gabriela Dalkin has been selected as the fifth and sixth member of the Blacksawn Group.


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