Shazam: An actor from the film thinks the franchise is dead… but doesn’t rule out a return of the superhero in the DCU

The recent release of “ Shazam! Rage of the gods ” has sparked a lot of debate among fans and critics, especially due to the disappointing box office results and the controversies surrounding the franchise. Given these challenges, the future of the series is “ Shazam! » seems uncertain and even Jack Dylan GrazerWho embodies Freddy FreemanHe expresses doubts about his return to this universe. In a recent interview with CBR, Grazer shared his thoughts, pointing out that his return to the role was only possible as part of a project related to “ Black Adam“.

Grazer mentioned that the director David F Sandberg publicly stated that he would no longer be involved in “superhero films” after the disappointing outcome. Shazam! 2“. This statement, coupled with the mixed public reaction, leaves little hope for a direct sequel to ” Shazam!“. However, Grazer remains open to the idea of ​​​​reprising his role in a different context, which raises the possibility of collaboration with ” Black Adam“, despite the fact that the latter film also struggled at the box office and Dwayne Johnsonthe interpreter of Black AdamHe seems to have distanced himself from the character and the universe DC.

The situation of “ Shazam! » reflects a moment of transition for the universe DCunder the new leadership of James Gunn And Peter Safran. They seem to want to make a fresh start and are considering recasting several actors from previous franchises that were closely tied to the old universe. This is the fate of many symbolic characters such as: Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), lightning (Ezra Miller) And Cyborg (Ray Fisher) is uncertain, while few actors, such as those from ” Peacemaker« , « Amanda Waller » (Viola Davis) and « Blue beetle » (Xolo Maridueña) has been confirmed to continue in the new DCU.

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This period of reevaluation raises questions about how beloved characters and their cast members will fit into the future of the universe DC. As the industry and fans digest these changes, hope remains that these characters can find new life in future projects and redefine their place in viewers’ hearts.

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