Shahrukh Khan’s darling Suhana Khan looked shy with roses in her hands, this photo is going viral

A photo of Suhana Khan, Shahrukh Khan’s daughter, has surfaced on social media. In the photo, a large bouquet is seen in Suhana’s hands. Seeing this bouquet decorated with tulips and roses, King Khan’s daughter Suhana (Suhana Khan) looks blushing in the picture. This image has been shared by a Suhana fan page. Suhana had recently gone on vacation to London, where she received this bouquet.

In the photo, Suhana Khan is seen without makeup. Suhana is wearing a light pink top and jacket, Suhana’s hairstyle is also very restrained. She tied all of her hair into a fancy bun. In the photo, Suhana is seen holding a bouquet of flowers in a shy manner. What is worth noting in the photo is that Suhana smiles softly looking at the bouquet.

Tell them that Suhana Khan, daughter of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, has a lot of popularity on social media. Suhana has 3.2 million followers on Instagram. Suhana keeps sharing photos of her on social media every day. Fans really like her edgy style of hers.

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