Lou Reed and his "transformer", David Bowie and his "Ziggy Stardust", or the "Exile on Main St." of the Rolling Stones on the Côte d’Azur are some of the albums that will turn half a century in 2022.

. "Exile on Main St.", jewel of the Stones carved on the Côte d’Azur

"Perhaps the best album of the Stones"writes Keith Richards in his autobiography "Life".

The Stones, fleeing from the British treasury, conceive him on the Côte d’Azur, at the now-famous villa Nellcote.

"I am one of the few who managed to enter (the village), I am from the region and I was just a child", tells AFP Yves Bigot, figure of the rock critic."In the morning not everyone was awake, one could sneak in with the delivery men (of groceries). I was hiding in a corner", Explain.

."Honky Chateau", Elton John and the ghosts of Herouville

Also in France, the castle of the small commune of Herouville (50 km from Paris) houses a recording studio frequented in the 1970s by David Bowie, Iggy Pop and also Elton John.

The latter names his creation "Honky Chateau" in homage to Herouville, which is said moreover to be haunted.

"Elton John is in his imperial period, with incredible songs like +Honky cat+, +Rocket man+ (title of the biopic dedicated to him) or +Mona Lisa and Mad Hatters+"explains Yves Bigot.

. "The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars", David Bowie and his double

"Sexuality has always been underlying rock and roll. But with Ziggy she found herself articulate, on the move"David Bowie explains in "rainbow man", reference work of Jérôme Soligny.

"With this album, Bowie invents the character of Ziggy that turns him into a rock star, the prince of glam"Yves Bigot details."With this totally futuristic, visionary, apocalyptic aspect that will continue with +Diamond dogs+ (1974)". Add.

"The essentials are +Five years+, +Starman+, +Suffragette city+ or +Rock’n’roll suicide+. How many classic albums have been born in this period, without a note to change", emphasizes the journalist.

. "transformer", Lou Reed and after Velvet"

It is the album that allows everyone who did not know Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground (his group) to discover it, that is, the vast majority of people", exposes Yves Bigot.

with the standards "Walk on the wildside", "Satellite of love" or "perfect day", who will have a second youth with the film "Trainspotting".

And who do we find in the production of "transformer"? David Bowie, from whom Lou Reed always wanted to disassociate himself.

. "Harvest", spark of Neil Young after the gold rush

Some Neil Young fans prefer "after the gold rush" ("after the gold rush", 1970), but it is with "Harvest" that he "loner" find the correct vein.

The topics "heart of gold" Y "old-man" they go down in history and the album is at the top of the American charts."It is his most worked album"according to Yves Bigot.

Which does not exclude a dark and prophetic part. What "The needle and the damage done", short title of "like the life of the drug addicts he describes" synthesizes the music site Pitchfork.

The drug will kill shortly after two relatives of Neil Young, to whom he will dedicate "tonight’s the night" (1975).



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